Santaş Insulation and Technological Systems, which started its activities in Mersin in 2000 on water and heat insulation, announces its name with its works every day, including the state institutions.

Seeing that water is the most valuable source of the time, Santaş Insulation has been dealing with and selling algae-free polyethylene water tanks starting from 100 liters up to 40 tons for 15 years.

With the awareness that the importance of water is increasing day by day,Santaş Insulation increased its activity with EPDM membrane in 2007 for long lasting and permanent solution to farmers and State institutions (like DSİ, Provincial Special Administrations and Forest Management). and after 1 year of association  with the company ,it has taken the dealership and application in 2009 Lineflex EPDM membrane Çukurova region sales and application dealership and still continues its activities with basic bundling, agricultural irrigation pools, roof and facade insulation and pond projects.


Santaş Insulation foresees the situation of  the mandatory Energy Identity Certificate (1 January 2011) which is required in the buildings and since 2004, it has been finding solutions for its customers with exterior sheathing and siding exterior coatings.

Santaş Isolation has been serving you in prefabricated & steel ready structures since 2012.

We work for you with this consciousness believing that everyone has the right to be safe and peaceful by having water and heat insulation.