Polyethlene Brine Tanks

Polyethlene Brine Tanks

Polyethylene Brine Tanks

It is used especially in olive brine. The upper mouth is completely open and there is a perforated pressure separator. There is a sampling cover on the separator cover. If desired, polyethylene brine tanks top cover cap is used. It does not react with the material it contains. Polyethylene brine tanks are suitable for food codex.

Polyethylene Pickle Tanks

Polyethylene pickle tanks are used especially in the preparation of foodstuffs such as pickled leaves and peppers. The most important feature of these tanks is that they have a special type of printing cover. The cover of these tanks has a special locking system and is specially designed to ferment the surrounding product under the best conditions. We have brine tanks starting from 1500 liters up to 20,000 liters.

It does not react with the product inside.

It complies with the food codex.