Polyethylene Conical Silo Tanks

Polyethylene Conical Silo Tanks

These are chemical substance preparation and storage depots.

It does not react with the chemical material put inside.

Provides zero discharge due to its conical feature.

Depending on the purpose of use, a mixer and an air mixer are installed in the tanks.

All fasteners are polyethylene.

Glucose and labsa chemicals can be put into the tanks.

Polyethylene outlet can be made from the desired place and size on the tank.

Since the tank is conical, it needs to be supported with metal construction.

Metal taper height is made as required.

The desired DK / rev. reducer is attached.

Chrome wing and shaft are mounted, polyethylene coating is made.

It is used for making bleach, salt spirit and hand soap.

Resistance and heating device are mounted inside the tanks.

Depending on demand, outlets and valves can be mounted into the tanks.