Polythene Drinker

Polythene Drinker

-It is made of 100% polyethylene material.

-In our polyethylene raw material, there is no risk of poisoning since recycled materials are not used and there is a drinkable food certificate.

-It is a polyethylene drinker suitable for ovine and bovine animals.

-Three bovine animals can use it at the same time.

-You do not need to take any action for animals to drink water. You can use it when you connect the plumbing to the drinker, which means it is very practical and also portable.

-It does not impair water quality in hot and cold days.

-It can be produced in desired colors. (In case of sufficient number)

-It saves water as it consumes water as much as animals drink.

-It is compatible with mains water and polyethylene tanks.

-The body of our polyethylene drinkers is strong and impact-resistant. It does not rot, crack, bend, crumble and does not deteriorate, and provides many years of use.

-Polyethylene drinker does not hold dirt and provides easy cleaning.

-It is UV added against the harmful rays of the sun and does not fade.

-Our polyethylene drinkers are resistant to climatic conditions.

-It is hygienic and does not contain carcinogenic substances.

-It has a flexible structure because it is low density.

-Our polyethylene drinkers are monoblock, in other words, there is no joining such as welding, rivets, tailstock, soldering.

-Since it is non-porous and resistant to absorption, it does not hold algae, fungi and mold.

-Thanks to its advantage of being able to overlap, it is economical for purchases with more quantity since it does not take up much space in its transportation.