Polyuera Coating

Polyuera Coating

It is a waterproofing and floor covering material that does not contain any joints applied by the spraying method with two-component airless paint machine as A and B, and enables its projects to be ready for use in a short time thanks to its fast curing feature and can work up to -20 ° C.

Polyurea can be preferred as pure polyurea and hybrid polyurea according to the status and conditions of the place to be covered.


Polyurea Spray Technical Specifications

-100% solvent free

-Doesn’t contain catalyst


-Thanks to its very fast curing feature, it can be opened in a short time

-It has no joints,it becomes monoblock

-400% flexible

-High abrasion resistance

-Impact resistance

-Tensile strength

-Chemical resistance

-Resistant to chlorine and sea water corrosion

-Provides enough plant root resistance



If there are horizontal and vertical joints on the surface to be applied before primer application, polyurethane sealant is applied between the joints opened between the material joints and tiles.

After checking the surface cleaning, epoxy primer application is applied by roller or airless paint machine.

Sandblasting is done on the completed primer application.



Polyurea Spray Surface Preparation

The glaze layer on surfaces such as tiles, granite, marble, etc. is wiped with special polishing machines and roughened.The adhesion strength of the epoxy primer is increased.

Concrete surfaces are wiped with a special polishing machine and the mold marks and mortar residues on the ground are cleaned and concrete is corrected.

A smooth floor is prepared for insulation and the floor is cleaned from dust and dirt.


Polyuera Spray Application Details

1. Making the surface ready for application with special polishing machines

a) removal of mortar deposits from concrete screed surfaces

b) roughening of surfaces such as tiles and marbles

2. Removing dirt, dust and oil from the area prepared as a surface.

3. Chamfering horizontal and vertical joints


Chamfering by applying polyurethane sealant on surfaces such as marble, tiles, granite etc. Chamfering vertical and horizontal partitions with repair mortar on concrete surfaces


4. Priming and sandblasting of the ground, whose surface preparation is completed, with a solvent-free epoxy primer.

5. Cleaning the primed surface from dust and dirt

6. Application of polyurea spray to cleaned lined surface

7. Application of aliphatic UV protection paint to the areas exposed to UV.


Polyurea Spray Coating Application Areas

-Providing waterproofing with open terrace polyurea

- Hidden creeks


-Mosque domes


-Tank and pipe polyurea coating against corrosion

-Polyurea coating to prevent vehicle bodies from wearing out

-Water sealing in aquaparks and pools

-Potable water tanks

-Trapezoidal panel roofs

-Atermit roofs

-Foundation and curtain wall waterproofing

-In industrial floors, hygienic applications are made with polyurea coating