Reinforced PVC Membrane

Reinforced PVC Membrane

In order to increase the mechanical strength of the geomembrane synthetic covers, reinforcements made of raw materials such as polyester and fiberglass are used. Synthetic dressings do not have superficial adhesion feature. The product is applied from the joints. The product is made monolithic with the resources. However, as with some roof applications, PVC covers are mechanically detected. In such cases, the safety of the fixing point of the product and its resistance to tearing become important.

Reinforced PVC geommembranes have a long history of use, and reinforced PVC geomembranes, which were applied about thirty years ago, still seem to continue to protect roofs without any problems.

Advantages of Reinforced PVC Membrane

-Has high quality

-It is flexible and adapts easily to the lines of the floor to be applied

-It does not burn easily

-It is long lasting

-It has high mechanical strength (tear resistance and impact resistance)

-Provides perfect joint welding with warm air

-In practice, it provides the opportunity to perform air tests with double sources

-High resistance to atmospheric and climatic conditions

-Resistant to plant roots

-Offers color diversity and two-color 

-Offers ease of application

- It is an ecological material that does not contain heavy metal and can be recycled.