There are two types of textile carts, with corners and cylinders.

Cornered textile carts  are used at textile dye-houses and used as bobbin and spool carts and hank and fabric carriage at ring facilities

Practical,useful,light and economic

Manufactered in the desired color withthe desired number of wheels

Monoblock cart sup to 4,5 meters length are manufactured

Provides great facility in carriage and stuffing

A4 pockets are available on the carts

Being free from metal at the surrounding,does not cause damage to the machines and other components if collides with them

Head screws are used inside the carts (therefore no yarn,fabric hooking is allowed)

Carts are equipped with metal base to provide higher durability

Textile cartsa re equipped with metal at the bottom without metal parts at the surrounding

Cylindirical Textile Carts

Cylinder textile cart body consists of bearing fittings with three ball bearings

Provides perfect rotation around its own axis

Metal material used provides strength,convenience and easy ride of carts

Ball bearing wheels of desired type and size are used

A4 pockets are available on the carts

A metal rim is available at the curly mouth part of the cylinder cart protects cart mouth from bending