Composite Water Tank

Composite Water Tank

It is moldable, composite material

With the developing technology, it is more durable than metal as durability

It has longer life than all known plastics and it is resistant to corrosion

It complies with hygienic food regulations.It  doesn't smell

It doesn’t decay

It is easy to install and it is modular system

It is not affected by heat and cold

It is a storage method which is suitable for development. Water capacity can be increased by adding

It is designed for use above-ground and underground

It is not affected by sun rays and other climatic conditions above ground

It is suitable for underground use when space is short, can be buried

There is  no water leakage after assembly

It does not get sunlight and moss

It provides high strength

It is impact-resistant

In particular, it offers the opportunity to use underground rainwater storage, clean water storage, septic tank pits and storage of domestic wastes, sedimentation, purification and separation of domestic oil wastes in water

Depending on your needs and usage needs, from individual houses to mass settlements, from small workshops to large factories, they are systematically assembled with their accessories in accordance with the desired size and capacity and offered to your service