Our potable water tanks are manufactured from different raw materials depending on your usage as potable water and utility water.

Our storage water tanks, which can be used for a long time, are foldable, portable, flexible and practical;


Our collapsible water tanks are manufactured from different raw materials depending on your usage as utility water and potable water.

Our foldable water tanks;

Can be produced from 100 liters to 100 tons as tap water (for detailed information please click here)

Can be produced from 300 liters to 100 tons as potable water (for detailed information please click here)

The most prominent feature of the inflatable water tanks is that it is a product that is very suitable for use thanks to its moss-free and bacteria-free feature.

It does not cause algae because it is not exposed to sunlight, so it does not cause bacteria to grow and does not require cleaning.

Liquid storage tanks have been produced for all liquid storage processes, including potable water, utility water, oil and oil storage.

This product which is manufactured by antibacterial PVC coating on polyester woven fiber is not torn.

It is possible to repair, easy and practical for problems such as tearing, puncturing. It is repaired in a short time wherever it is located with the repair equipments and becomes ready for use.

Our flexible water tanks have a hygienic, flexible and solid structure.

It is suitable for climatic conditions. It is resistant to +70 ° C and -30 ° C.

Our flexible water tanks are easy to install and do not require technical personnel.

Our inflatable tanks can be carried on the vehicle.

Pillow water tanks excellent abrasion resistance

Flexible water tanks corrosion resistant

Thanks to its ease of transportation and use, inflatable water tanks create a wide area of ​​use.

It is an easy-to-use storage system in your homes, construction sites, factories, greenhouses, farmland, fish farms, cattle farms,sheep and goat breeding, sewers and industrial water collection, military, municipalities, wherever water is needed.

PVC water tanks supply water anywhere any time so emergency drinking water storage tank, construction site water storage tanks

Pillow water tanks to use system in agriculture, irrigate farmland, fire fighting etc.