Modular Water Tank

Modular Water Tank


Modular tanks are a healthy and long-lasting form of storage, which is carried out in high-pressure presses in the assembly area of ​​the sheets formed by cold plastering method by means of special molds, and assembled by means of bolts without welding at the installation site. The sealing between the panels forming the modular tanks is provided with special rubber seals selected depending on the liquid type in the tank

Due to the nature of the material used, the modular tanks produced in accordance with the standards do not show dirt, do not cause to grow bacteria and do not cause algae as they are resistant to Ultra Viole (UV) rays

Thanks to the cleaning hatch on the modular tanks, cleaning and maintenance can be done at any time


Tanks are manufactured with module panels that are strengthened by plastering with cold forming method in high pressure presses

High-capacity modular water tanks produced with strengthened module panels are more economical and robust than welded water tanks

Modular tanks are long-lasting, healthy and hygienic since they are manufactured in required conditions and standards

Modular water tanks are easily mounted on existing buildings, basements, open space, on the roof, on the platform

No welding or painting is required at the installation site

They can be manufactured / coated from different materials depending on the properties of the stored liquid

The number of panels can be increased and the capacity can be expanded later by adding additional products according to the needs

It is easy to transport and move to the assembly area as it is produced in pieces

It can be moved through narrow places and assembled easily

EPDM material is used as sealing elements

There are 3 (three) types as Ready (Electro) Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized and Chrome (304 Quality Steel) in the modular system