Geomembrane Synthetic Cover

They are waterproofing covers produced by the process of processing thermoplastic or thermoset polymers in powder or granular form by different production techniques. Synthetic covers vary depending on the type, chemical structure and production technology of the polymer used in the manufacture of the cover.

Geomembrane Synthetic Cover Types

-EPDM membrane

-Felted EPDM membrane

-PVC membrane

-ECB membrane

-TPO membrane

-FPO membrane

-HDPE membrane

-Sodium bentonite membrane

-Bituminous membrane

-EPDM membrane Consumables

- Pool and Pool Applications


Geomembrane Synthetic Cover Usage Areas

- Floor                                              

- Pipes and ducts              

- Storage yards                 

- Sport halls          

- Slopes                               

- Hydraulic structures        

- Coasteal defence facilities 

- Dams,port constructions    

- Ponds               

- Agricultural irrigation ponds  

- Swimming pools          

- Decorative pools          

- Irrigation channels        

- Building constructions 

- Bases                     

- Base concretes   

- Terrace roofs   

- Yard roofs   

- Road constructions

- Highways constructions

- Railroad constructions

 - Airport constructions

- Parking areas

- Drainage and filtration drainage pipes

- Drainage channels

- Surface drainage

- Building drainages

- Enviromental water treatment systems

- Highways constructions-sewage layoons

- Manure storage

- Manure pool