It offers self-supporting steel arch structures that have been in use since 1985. This technology allows us to pass wide openings from 9 meters to 42 meters without using any load-bearing- columns. At the same time, the steel structures we make with panels that serve both as coating and loadbearing provide you with serious advantages in projecting and costing steel structures.

By choosing the materials we use in our production process by taking into account the most difficult climate conditions and the chemical environment, we provide you with a maintenance-free structure. This allows us to provide you with a 25-year material warranty.

We serve with AJA UKAS ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate. This document provides assurance regarding material, production and final checks.

The technology we use enables the use of ordinary prefabricated structures in climatic conditions such as wind and snow load, which do not allow them to be installed. These structures are resistant up to 600kN / m2 (60.000kg-f / m2).


Steel arched structures are the most effective structures to create large volumes. They are lightweight,strong and top level rigid structures. By combining the static principles of arched structures with M-shaped panels, spans up to 42 meters can be created. Our basic material is 350gr / m2 galvanized coated panels made of S350 structural steel, whose thickness varies between 0.8 and 2mm, selected according to climatic conditions and service loads. Panel joints are made with stainless galvanized steel bolts. Steel arched structures are mounted on the ground using steel dowels. Especially it’s feature of being light; Compared with other prefabricated and steel structures, it demonstrates the superiority of the light steel structure. This feature provides serious advantages in both assembly and transportation. Its perfect static properties make it resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions and earthquakes at 7 intensity.


Transparent panels (2800mm x 640mm) we use are mounted on the surface of structure. If desired , transparent panel belts and normal windows can be used on the front and back sides.


Our structure allows many insulation methods to be applied to the inner surface in thanks to its shape. Non-combustible surface properties can also be added with insulation application if desired.


The basic parts of steel arch structures are carried on 800 x 3100 mm pallets. The number of panels that can create 100m2 closed area is stacked on a pallet. The number of panels that can create 100m2 footprint is stacked on a pallet. A truck can transport material that will cover approximately 1000m2. This provides a serious advantage in transportation.


The assembly and anchoring process of these steel arched structures is quite simple. The steel arch structure is directly mounted on concrete with steel anchor bolts. A very important advantage of our system is that it is light steel and thus, it does not require detailed concrete, jammed and bond beams like other conventional structures.

This cause to  infrastructure concrete costs  and the transportation amounts of the infrastructure materials going to the site to become low. Anchoring elements are at visible points and visual controls can be made easily. In addition, the accessability of anchorages enables the structure to be easily disassembled at any time and moved to another location if necessary.


The front and back sides of the building can be prepared with many different methods. It is the most used and the simplest method to be covered with console shaped trapezoidal section panels; Isolation can also be applied to these surfaces. Another method is to be supported with light steel columns and covered with sandwich panels. At the request of the customer, the front and back sides can also be used by stone wall, concrete, wood or by combining these materials.


Single row rings that make up the building system are mounted on site with stainless steel fasteners. The single ring lifted with the help of a crane is anchored to the ground and its connections with the other ring are prepared with stainless bolts.


This system allows us to install wide-span closed spaces without columns and beams from 9 meters to 42 meters. Values ​​such as width, height, length can be shaped according to your wishes and we can also produce intermediate dimensions.