It is a prefabricated, pre-controlled building system produced with advanced technology without human initiative and offering high security against earthquakes. It is produced from galvanized steel profiles that provide absolute protection against corrosion on computer-controlled CNC machines and can be constructed rapidly in any climatic condition.

Who does not want to have an earthquake resistant, environmentally friendly detached house with the same economic conditions instead of having to live in multi-storey and unsafe buildings?

As Santaş Isolation, we want to help you to live in a single-storey or double-storey light steel structure with ready-made projects or the project of your dream house for different needs.

Come, choose one of the projects that suit your needs. Moreover, furnish the interior of your turnkey house, which will be ready in just 60 days,however you want.


-Fields of usages are 7 - 10% more than conventional systemic residences

-Since they have a fast and reliable building system, those with a zoned land are the most suitable houses for the Contractor and Cooperatives to the Building Insurance and Mortgage Housing Credit System

-It is eco-home

-They are not prefabricated but long-lasting, high-standard, permanent residences

-It complies with  all national and international building specifications

-They are produced with the most earthquake resistant building system

-They are 13-15 times lighter than conventional system houses

-They can be built on unfavourable soils without the need for additional improvement

-Since they have a technological construction method, human  initiative is minimum

-They can be built in any climatic condition

-Usage costs are very low since suitable insulation can be made in any climate zone

-Construction time is 3 times shorter than traditional systems

-There are no beams and column protrusions.Ease of furnishing  and aesthetic spaces are obtained with smooth surfaces. All kinds of finishing materials can be applied

-The ratio of the self-weighted weight of a steel villa with a high strength material is very light. Many other materials can carry some useful load while carrying their own weight

-The elastic modulus of steel is very high compared to other building materials. Since this feature of the steel structure is 11 times more elastic than reinforced concrete , it is more resistant to earthquake. This means it’s durability is suitable for stability problems, dynamic loads and vibrations

-Since steel is a ductile material and has a large deformability, it provides 18 times more strength than reinforced concrete

-Since steel bearing elements are processed in a factory environment, they are largely independent of the installation and weather conditions; this shortens the construction time

-It also offers you the opportunity to disassemble and reuse