These are modular water tank panels produced in hydraulic presses of 140-150 ° C (degrees Celsius) and 600 - 1200 tons of pressure presses by reinforcing high quality glass fiber to the SMC(Sheet Molding Compound)  raw material.



Since they are pressed at high pressure and temperature, their surfaces are rubbed.

Thanks to its smooth surface structure, it prevents microorganisms from sticking to the surface.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.UV resistance is very high in outdoor conditions.

Since the heat transfer coefficient is very low, it provides thermal insulation.It can be applied if extra isolation is desired.

Thanks to excellent tensile and bending stress,it is robust.

Thanks to its high glass fiber content in raw material, Barcol's hardness value is high.

Thanks to the cambered pressing technology, GRP water tanks provide perfect and homogeneous pressure distribution.

It has A1 class fireproof certificate.

It does not show electrical conductivity.

It has TSE certificate.



SMC raw material preparation


Burr removal

Drilling a hole for board mounting

Quality control


Dimensions and Shapes of Produced Panels



It provides long-term resistance to climate changes.

It provides tank installation in suitable liters according to your projects.

Maintains the quality of the water in it for a long time

Thanks to the slippery structure inside the tank, microorganism cannot hold in the water.

Provides long-term water storage service for outdoor temperature changes between + 5C and + 50C.

It provides resistance to bad climatic conditions such as snow and wind.

It provides easy and practical installation.

In case the job is finished at the place where the tank is located, it provides the opportunity to be moved to another place and re-established.

When there is no need  to use it  at the place where the tank is located, it provides the opportunity to be moved to another place and re-installed.

Provides different design possibilities in case of such structures as Column, wall etc.

There is no maintenance cost. You can use it for many years by cleaning it.

It is possible to drain the water completely in the curved base assemblies.

It ensures that the quality of stored water is preserved for a long time.

GRP composite water tanks are not affected by adverse environmental conditions such as steel, hot dipped galvanized and ready galvanized.They keep the water they store at the desired temperature.

Design parameters can be provided in desired conditions by making extra insulation with panel heat transmission.

Since the water in the GRP tank needs to be heated or cooled depending on the area of ​​use, there will be no heat loss, so it saves energy by acting as a thermostat.Even if the outdoor temperature decreases to minus degrees, it prevents the water from freezing in the tank.

It ensures that the quality of the water in the GRP tank is preserved for a long time.

Microorganism does not form in the water in the GRP tank.Because the rubbed surface structure and composite material content of GRP tank panels prevent the formation of microorganisms in the water.These features of water tanks are documented with WRAS certificate.

This structure of composite materials ensures that the water they store is stable and reaches higher quality to end users.This feature is the prominent feature of GRP tanks.

If raw water or chlorinated drinking water is stored in the tank (well, artesian, creek, river, etc.), composite materials, depending on the chemical content of the water, are more physical and ready than electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized and steel materials. they show chemical resistance.

Low maintenance costs; Ready (electro) galvanized, hot dipped galvanized and steel water tanks show corrosion faster inside and outside than GRP tanks depending on the physical conditions of the place where they are installed and the chemical content of the stored water. Therefore, annual maintenance is required to prevent rusting of steel water tanks.

For the isolation of concrete storage tanks before use and isolation maintenance for use during painting etc, spending is required.Otherwise, it will crack continuously due to seismic movements and cause water loss.Concrete storage tanks are constantly exposed to maintenance, as they are exposed to the influence of water and the environment from inside and outside.

Thanks to GRP water tanks, you have the opportunity to use your water for a longer period of time in much cleaner and healthier conditions.

In contrast to the steel and concrete storage tanks GRP storage tanks do not require frequent maintenance.Thanks to its high UV resistance, GRP Panels ensure that the warehouses are not affected from sun damage, wind and moisture for a long time.

Due to this feature, no protection or paint is needed during the period of use.

It has a longer usage time compared to steel and concrete storage tanks.

It is suitable for small and large capacities.

It offers easy and practical quick installation.

If necessary, it can be moved and installed to another place by replacing the gaskets after installation.

GRP water tanks provide flexible design capability.

It is possible that the stored water can be drained completely.

It can be applied from 1 m3 capacity to 10.000 m3 capacity. Whereas it takes 6 months and a huge investment cost to make a concrete warehouse with a capacity of 10.000 m3, GRP warehouse with the same capacity is installed in 1 month and with less investment cost.

Curved base design helps the water to flow easily between the panels and reach the drainage line and rapid tank discharge.Thanks to the uninterrupted water flow, the tank easily discharges the deposits it accumulates while emptying.

It is very easy to transport thanks to its disassembled shipment.