Elevators are one of the indispensable units in our country where high-rise buildings are increasing. The elevator is a common means of transportation for high-rise buildings. Insulation of the elevator pit located at the base of the building is as significant as the regular maintanance of mechanics in view of security. Elevator pit is an important region of building projects that need the most sensitive waterproofing.As the elevator is under the raft foundations of a building,it means that the raids of groundwater can take place. For this reason, while constructing the building, the waterproofing of elevator spaces as well as the foundation insulation should be done by the expert.Failure to provide proper insulation of the elevator pits of the buildings during the project and construction stages leads to serious problems in the following years. Elevator pit insulation to be made during the project phase is economical. An effective waterproofing that is not done at the beginning will be much more costly when it becomes inevitable to do it later. This internal water insulation application is called negative insulation.

Methods applied in negative isolations;

It is made with crystalline concrete additives.However it usually a temporary solution.It may need to be applied many times.

Thanks to the new developed technology, long-lasting water insulation injection applications are made.

Injection applications used in elevator pits;

Waterproofing with Gel Injection

Waterproofing with Polyurethane