Features of our vertical tanks from 100 liters to 40,000 liters;

-Food and chemical liquid storage tanks do not react with the product it contains

-Food products; Suitable for use in water, turnips, pickles, milk, wine, oils

-It is used for the storage and transportation of products

-Chemical products; It is used for the storage of products such as various acids (sulfuric, caustic, nitric, lapsa, liquid mineral oils such as salt spirit, detergent).

-It is suitable for storing dry foodstuffs

-Monoblock(one piece) and not combined by way of seam,rivet,wipe joint and stitch

-Economic and long lasting

-The product inside is not affected by factors such as smell, taste, algae and weather conditions

-There is no harm to human health. The compliance of the raw material with the food regulations has been approved by the Ministry of Health

-Depending on the material,outlet is installed in desired size.