EPDM Consumables

EPDM Consumables

EPDM Dilatation Tape

Black and gray color, UV resistant, root holder, resistant to salt and chemicals in soil and water, resistant to atmospheric conditions, manufactured in DIN 7864 standard (with flexible feature produced by ethylene, propylene, Dien Monomer, based synthetic elastomer calendering and vulcanizing method) 1 EPDM Strips, 50 mm thick, surprising,4 mm in diameter, 2 or 3 rows of holes on both sides , can be applied by adhering to concrete surfaces with epoxy. Roll length is 25 m.

EPDM has all the features of the membrane. It is a dilatation tape with high elasticity (up to 300%) used in the insulation of thermal expansion joints and cracks. It is produced as holey or holeless. Felted EPDM dilatation tape is recommended for dilatation solutions of bituminous structures. Dilatation is provided by melting the bituminous material by pouring and laminating directly to the felt.

Fields of Usage

-In all building dilatations, horizontal and vertical applications

-In expansion joints of underground floors

-In permanent wet areas such as the pool

-In foundations and curtains under the ground

-In Water Structures (Wastewater Treatment, Drinking Water, Water Tanks, Pools)

-Terrace, balcony, parapets and roof ends

-In tunnels and culverts

-In the insulation of large and irregular cracks

-It is used for elastic waterproofing of base - parapet connections

-It is used in the joints of different building materials such as steel construction and reinforced concrete

-It can be applied to concrete, plaster, screed, epoxy or cement based repair mortar, wood, sheet metal, aluminum, FRP, epoxy, natural and artificial stone and similar floors

-Terrace, balcony, exterior wall, wet volume, parapet walls, building annexes and projections, foundation and curtain concrete, building dilatations, concrete pipe, containers carrying water, swimming pool, waste water units, tunnel and similar underground structures, parking garage and parking spaces

KNT Adhesive

KNT adhesive is used to adhere the EPDM membrane to walls, wood or metallic surfaces.It is a neoprene based contact adhesive. The average amount of consumption is 500 gr / m² and it is adhered by applying pressure on 10-15 minutes after applying on both surfaces.