The most used pallets among our polyethylene pallets are plastic and Euro ones. The main reason why Euro pallets are preferred so much is that they are produced from polyethylene raw material. Our Euro pallets keep your products away from undesirable factors such as mushrooms and insects. Our Euro plastic pallets are both easier to produce and enable your company to use and carry more easily. You can safely use our Euro plastic pallets for the transportation of your heavy loads.

What Are The Features and Advantages of Our Euro Pallets?

-Our Euro pallets provide strength and durability

-Since our Euro pallets are environmentally friendly, they can be regained to nature when their period of use ends

-We produce our Euro pallets in international standard sizes in series. For this reason, our Euro pallets differ from other pallet types

-The standard dimensions of our Euro pallets are determined as (width) 80x120 (length) x15 (height) cm

-The raw material used in the production of our Euro pallets is polyethylene

-The average weights of our Euro pallets are between 11-12 kilograms

-Our Euro pallets are ideal for transporting heavy materials

-About 1250 kg can be carried while moving on our pallets and 2000 kg while stationary

-Because they are durable, their lifespan is very long

-The corners of our Euro pallets are oval. In this way, it both helps to provide easy use and provides advantages during operations such as lowering and carrying. You can contact us to get more detailed information about all our palettes and to get the opinions of our experts.